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– Transportation Cases
– A-CAB-BAS System Cabinet
– A-LAG-0633 Laser Adjustment Goggles
– A-CON-UTSE Converter USB to RS-232
– IVS-310 Signal Level Display
– PDV-xx Mobile Power Supply for PDV-100

Transportation Cases


Polytec’s heavy-duty storage cases keep your vibrometer system neatly stowed away when not in use and allow
safe transportation. Most cases provide extra space for accessories. Transportation cases are available for
different controllers and sensor heads.
Remark: For shipment of the system additional packaging is required.



ItemSuitable for


–  RLV-500 Sensor Head


–  OFV-5000 Modular Vibrometer Controller and
   OFV-50x Vibrometer Sensor Head


19″ Controller:
  CLV-2534 Compact Laser Vibrometer
–  OFV-5000 Modular Vibrometer Controller
–  OFV-5000-S Modular 20m/s Vibrometer Controller
–  OFV-2520 Dual Channel Controller
–  RLV-5000 Controller


–  OFV-55x Fiber-Optic Interferometer


–  OFV-534 Compact Sensor Head


 IVS-400 Industrial Vibration Sensor with accessories


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A-CAB-BAS System Cabinet



   555 mm x 630 mm x 555 mm


   approx. 65 kg

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 A-LAG_0633 Laser Adjustment Goggles

The Laser Adjustment Goggles facilitate the precise aiming
of the laser on an object by improving visibility of the laser
spot and reducing glare. Suitable for helium-neon,
class II lasers (633nm).

    Not approved for other wavelengths or laser classes!

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A-CON-UTSE Converter USB to RS-232

The USB to RS-232 converter is required for
connecting equipment based on the RS-232 interface
(some Polytec Vibrometer Controller models) to a
computer not equipped with the RS-232 interface
(laptops with only USB ports).

 System requirements 
   – USB 1.1 or higher   
   – Windows XP or  Vista. 

IVS-310 Signal Level Display

Hand-held signal level display for use with IVS-200, IVS-300 and
IVS-400 Industrial Vibration Sensors. The unit interfaces either
directly with the sensor, or alternatively with the IVS-E-400 Junction

For optimum measurement results a high laser signal level is
imperative, to be attained during set-up. The IVS-310 hand-held unit
allows monitoring of the signal level while standing close to your
measurement object and away from your IVS sensor. Hence the
signal level can be monitored continuously while modifications on the measurement set-up are made.


   20-bar LED

   Cable Length   2m

   60 mm x 100 mm x 40 mm

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PDV-xx Mobile Power Supply for PDV-100

PDV-BS Battery Pack

The PDV-BS Battery Pack upgrades your PDV-100 Portable Digital
Vibrometer for field measurements without access to a power supply.

The set includes:

  • 1x PDV-LI LiOH rechargeable battery
    (operating time approx. 4 to 5 hours)
  • 1x battery charger
  • 1x carrying bag with addtional space for the PDV-100 Portable Digital Vibrometer and a second PDV-LI LiOH Battery.

PDV-100 with PDV-BS Battery Supply Set

PDV-100 with PDV-BS Battery Supply Set
and additional PDV-LI Lithium-Ion Battery

PDV-LI Lithium-Ion Battery

Additional battery to extend the operational time of the PDV-100.

PDV-DC Motor Vehicle Supply Cable

The Motor Vehicle Supply Cable makes you even more independent in the field. It can power the PDV-BS Battery Pack – or the PDV-100
Portable Digital Vibrometer directly – form any 12 V socket or cigarette lighter.

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