#502 UnoBldg., 219 Dogok-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 06231, Korea
Scanning Vibrometer Accessories
Tripod for the PSV-400-3D system for mounting three sensors heads
plus the optional A-CAZ-1000 camera. The tripod system facilitates
set-up and shortens the time needed. For one set_up the 3-D
alignment (orientation of the sensor heads to each other) can be
used for following measurements. Motorized stage for convenient
height adjustment up to 2500mm for the top sensor head. Manual tilt of the head assembly with ±45° maximum tilt angle.
For bottom-up measurements the head assembly can be mounted
without the motorized z-stage.
  • Total weight without sensor heads c. 135 kg
  • Space requirement with all 4 feet fully spread about 1625 mm x 1625 mm.
  • The tripod system is available for 110 V or 220 V.