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Sound Ear
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SOundear- noise guide

Noise에 따른 단말기 반응 Level

덴마크 SoundEar A/S사는 소음방지 가이드 제품 전문기업으로

사무공간, 산업현장, 병원, 놀이시설 등, 소음으로 발생될 수 있는

장소에서, Noise를 시각화 함으로 사용자들에게 경각심을 줄 수 있고, 관리자 입장에서 수집된 Data를 기반으로 Noise Map을 형성하여 관리할 수 있습니다.

Soundear를 활용한 도심 Noise Map(Denmark).

User가 환경에 따라 Noise Level을 조절할 수 있으며, 네트워크

Tools을 이용하여 원격으로 Data 수집 가능함.


SoundEar helps companies worldwide reduce noise at work. We do this through our 20 years of experience in the noise monitoring industry, and through our unique offer of not only measuring noise, but also visualizing noise.
Creating awareness about noise is the first step towards making a change, and we believe the best way to create awareness about noise, is to visualize it.

Reduce noise levels by making noise visible


Create room for focus and concentration


Reduce the risk of hearing impairments


SoundEar Classic lowers noise levels and creates room for concentration

Less noise and interruptions will improve the children’s ability to concentrate and immerse themselves

Why our customers like SoundEar Classic:

  • Makes noise visible
  • Easy to understand: when the ear turns red, it is time to quiet down
  • Has a positive effect on noise levels
  • Easy to use and cost-effective
  • Creates a better classroom environment


Noise Guide lowers noise levels and increases efficiency

Less noise and interruptions in the office will improve your concentration and efficiency

Why our customers like Noise Guide:

  • It makes noise visible: you automatically lower your voice when the light turns red
  • It is a simple and efficient way of lowering noise levels in the office
  • It is easy to move: you can place it at one desk one week, and another the next week
  • You get an overview of your noise levels in the included software
  • You can take out your measurements via USB


How others use Noise Guide

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