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PSV-500-NB Scanning Vibrometer (Notebook)
Optical Non-contact Vibration Mapping and Analysis

The PSV-500-NB Scanning Vibrometer is full field vibration measurement in its most compact form. The supplied portable high end workstation controls the basic functions consisting of a 50 kHz bandwidth data acquisition system for vibrometer and reference channel, the optional signal generator and optional geometry scan unit via the digital VibroLink interface. VibroLink is a simple GBit Ethernet connection that avoids tedious setup procedures and allows the user to independently control his PSV system form up to 100 m away.


      • Non-contact – measure the true vibration of your structure
      • Full-field – don’t miss any important details – high spatial resolution over mm2 to m2 areas with a 50° x 40° scan angle
      • Compact – Scanning Head with rigid tripod, Front-End and Notebook
      • Versa
      • tile – tailored solutions for NVH, acoustics plus and structural dynamics plus a wide range of accessories and software options
      • Open-minded – PSV software provides open data interfaces and control interfaces for automation and for tailored solutions in science and development
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