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Miscellaneous – Transportation Cases – A-CAB-BAS System Cabinet – A-LAG-0633 Laser Adjustment Goggles – A-CON-UTSE Converter USB to RS-232 – IVS-310 Signal Level Display – PDV-xx Mobile Power Supply for PDV-100   Transportation Cases

Surface Preparation

 Surface Preparation Polytec vibrometers monitor vibration on most measurement surfaces without preparation. However, when the surface does not return enough light, the scattering properties can be improved by several methods. ARDROX@ Reflective Spray ARDROX® Reflective

Test Stands

Test Stands Test stands greatly enhance the flexibility of your vibration sensor,particularly for laboratory applications and test set-ups. By using the test stand, vibration sensors are firmly mounted and positioned with ease according to

Positioning Stages

Positioning Stages Fine-positioning equipment facilitates the adjustment of sensors in critical measurement set-ups, making accurate alignment andpointing easy, repeatable and swift. Most Polytec positioning stages can be used in conjunction with both tripods and


Tripods Tripods provide an adaptable base for your measurement set-up, ensuring a stable mounting of the sensor head. The quick release mechanism allows the swift exchange of components, for maximum flexibility and ease of

Vibrometer Accessories 안내

  Vibrometer Accessories 안내 모든 어플리케이션에는 고유 한 측정 문제가 있습니다. 여기에서 어플리케이션 지향적 인 셋업과 액세서리가 차이를 만들어 계측 학을 완벽한 솔루션으로 만듭니다. Polytec 설계자와 엔지니어에게 편안함과 유연성은 우선 순위가 높은 값이므로 Polytec 진동기를 원하는